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Design Technologies


In the junior school we introduce students to the workshop environment with a strong emphasis on safety and developing a practical knowledge of hand tools and their uses. Across years 7 to 9 students use Design and Technologies processes and production skills to focus on:

  • critiquing, exploring and investigating issues

  • generating, developing and evaluating ideas

  • planning, producing and evaluating designed solutions.

Students engage in the design process using materials, including composites, metal,

plastics, wood, and/or smart materials.

In the senior school year 10 is a taster year for senior where hand skills are further developed and refined. Workshop safety is an integral component of the year 10 course.

Senior engineering while this course does not give a formal qualification in Engineering,  it does give students the opportunity to develop a knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of Engineering. 

Senior Furnishings is designed to give students in year 11 the opportunity to work in the workshop gaining skills and then in year 12 to gain Certificate I accreditation in the Furnishing/Manufacturing Industry.

Industrial Graphics does not give a formal qualification in graphics it does give students the opportunity to develop a knowledge and understanding of the fundamental aspects of graphics including:

  • Introduction to the design and drafting industry.

  • Basic design concepts.

  • Drawing interpretation and production—manual drafting/freehand sketching.

  • Identification and interpretation—drafting standards and conventions.

  • 2D drawing production using computer—aided design and drafting systems.

  • 3D drawing production using computer-aided design and drafting systems.

Students would be expected to complete research projects, folios of drawings, oral presentations, plus projects (Presentation of a package of written work and drawings) over four semesters.

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