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maths students at work

​Mathematics is an integral part of any education. It enhances our understanding of the world and our quality of participation in a rapidly changing society. mathematics pervades so many aspects of daily life that a sound knowledge is essential for informed citizenship.

At Wilsonton State High School we provide mathematics courses that cater to and prepare students for the variety of pathways and mathematical needs students will have in the future. These range from courses providing for the effective use of mathematics to meet the general demands of life at home, in paid work, and for participation in community ‘and civic life’ to high level academic mathematics as preparation for tertiary education courses. Students have the opportunity to move between pathways should their learning needs changes.

Courses currently offered are:

Year 7​​ Year 8 Year 9​ Year 10​ Year 11 & 12​
​Extension Mathematics ​Extension Mathematics ​Introduction to OP Mathematics (A & B) ​
Mathematics A
Mathematics B
Mathematics C
​Core Mathematics ​Core Mathematics ​Core Mathematics
Support Mathematics​ ​Support Mathematics ​Support Mathematics ​Introduction to Pre-Vocational Mathematics ​Pre-Vocational Mathematics

In addition to their three regular mathematics lessons, students in years 7 and 8 also have a designated numeracy lesson each week. During these lessons students work on activities designed to consolidate and enhance their numeracy skills. These activities are tailored to the student’s level.

As part of the Junior Academy programme students have the opportunity to participate in a range of mathematics competitions and challenges, such as ICAS maths competition, QAMT year 7&8 maths quiz and maths team challenge.