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Sports department

girls hockey

House sport

Wilsonton State High School uses a 'House' system to coordinate all of its three major interhouse sporting competitions. These competitions are the Swimming Carnival, Cross Country and Athletics Carnival. New students to the school are randomly assigned to one of four house groups. Younger siblings are put into the same house as their elder siblings. These four houses are named using the Jarowair language of the local Indigenous Peoples.

The school agreed that the House names should be timeless and have connections to the local area. The House names have been discussed and collaborated with Mr Conrad Bauwens the Jarowair custodian of Gummingurru; the Men’s cultural site west of Highfields and Mr Paul Carmody teacher at Amaroo Environmental centre.

Conrad has granted Wilsonton State High School permission to use the Yuris in Jarowair language to acknowledge the connection to the local Aboriginal Peoples and Culture within the school community.

Cumboogie (blue)

Cumboogie (pronounced cum-bood-gee) is the Jarowair word for Yabbies or Fresh-water crayfish. Cumboogies are an aggressive creature which start off at the bottom of the food chain and work their way up near to the top where few creatures dare threaten them. They can survive dry conditions for long periods of time (at least several years) by aestivating (lying dormant) in burrows sunk deep into muddy creek and swamp beds. Females shelter eggs under their tail for protection. The human traits connection is Resilience, Persistence, Protective and Endurance.

Carbal (green)

Carbal is the Jarowair word for Carpet Python and the tribal totem of traditional owners of this region, also connected to the Rainbow Serpent creator spirit. Female Gabuls/Carbals coil around their unborn eggs to keep them warm and protect them. The human traits connection is Strength, Spiritual, Protective and Durable

Ngui (yellow)

Ngui (pronounced nu-wee) is the Jarowair word for emu the largest bird in Australia. Male Nguis are generally responsible for the incubation and upbringing of the young. Over eight weeks of incubation, he will lose a third of his weight and survive on stored body fat and any morning dew reachable from the nest. Star bodies connect to seasons calendar and country. The human traits connection is spiritual, protective, speed and endurance.

Gurroman (red)

Gurroman (pronounce gurra-marn) is the Jarowair word for kangaroo. Gurromans are the largest marsupial in the world and the only large animal to use hopping as locomotion. They can sustain speeds over 40km/hr for many kilometres. Females can provide different kinds of milk in the pouch simultaneously for newborns and older joeys. The human traits connection is speed, power, adaptation and uniqueness.

Interschool sport

Students in years 7 to 12 have the opportunity to compete in the Toowoomba State Schools Sporting Association competition during period four Wednesday, semester one. These sports include:

Summer fixtures:

  • Futsal (boys)
  • Volleyball (boys)
  • Touch football (boys)
  • Australian football (boys)
  • Lawn bowls (boys and girls)
  • Netball (girls)
  • Soccer (girls)
  • Basketball (girls)
  • Hockey (girls)
  • Rugby union (girls)

Winter fixtures:

  • Basketball (boys)
  • Rugby league (boys)
  • Hockey (boys)
  • Soccer (boys)
  • Cricket (boys and girls)
  • Netball (girls)
  • Volleyball (girls)
  • Touch football (girls)
  • Futsal (girls)
  • Australian football (girls)
  • Lawn bowls (boys and girls)