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The Arts


​Wilsonton State High School’s arts education program of learning is designed to develop students’ creative behaviours, literacy in the arts, self-expression, identity formation, self-confidence, cultural awareness and connection. It is organised around themes, ideas and experiences that are relevant, challenging and interesting to students. Learning is structured to encourage the development of ideas, the making and presenting of arts works, and reflection and connection to the wider world of cultural expression. The learning environment for arts education is distinguished by a student-centred, hands on approach to learning; continuous work with arts media, form and processes; and a positive learning environment, where trust and respect characterise student-teacher relationships – and students’ artistic interpretation and expression of their world are valued.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Wilsonton SHS encourages students to develop technical skills, performance quality and analytical knowledge.


In years 7 and 8 we introduce students to Performance which is a combination of Dance and Drama.

In the Senior School we offer Arts in Practice (Performance) where students will have opportunities to engage with two or more performing arts forms (Drama, Dance, Music) to create and develop arts works and projects. The realised arts work might be a performance, a product or a combination of both. An innovative expression of a personal aesthetic is the anticipated outcome.


Dance in years 9, 10, 11 and 12 focuses on developing each student’s ability to understand, perform and create movement with meaning. Students achieve this through the study of dance in many different contexts and genres while developing their own technical and performance skills.


Between years 9 and 12 students can elect to study Drama. Students develop their ability to perform, create and respond to dramatic works. This is achieved through the study of many dramatic works from differing contexts while students work at developing their own dramatic skills.


Music at Wilsonton is offered to all students from years 8 to 12. A wide range of music genres are covered to enhance students’ abilities in the areas of composition, musicology and performance. Within these three areas students will create, perform and analyse musical works.

Visual Art

Senior Visual Art involves the production (making) of and the appreciation (appraising) of artworks through the processes of researching, developing, resolving and reflecting.

Visual Arts in Practice involves the production of artworks (making) and the creation of visual art based projects and/or products.